Help the Panzi Real Estate Team give to families in our community!

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    The Panzi Team is excited to start giving to local families in our community!10806232_820897627969975_1319152785325376565_n

    July is our first month of giving a portion of the Panzi Team’s commission to a local family! During the months of July, August and September, 5% of Ashley and Colin’s commission on each home sold is going to the Lahey family. The Laheys, Steve, Carissa and their 4 children (ages 1-11), live and work right here in Ankeny!  Steve is currently a pastor at Ankeny E-Free Church and Carissa is a stay at home mom.



    The Laheys story starts in October 2006 when Leilani, 11831689_935717676487969_7878197034770067426_ntheir oldest (11 years old), received her first heart transplant at the age of one. After 6 years of being relatively healthy, her body slowly started rejecting the heart and she underwent various balloon and stent procedures to open the arteries in her heart. In October 2014, 8 years after the first transplant, she began having a hard time breathing and her doctor sent her to Iowa City. In Iowa City, Leilani was put on a Berlin heart (an artificial heart) and was put on the transplant list. Throughout that year, she had many medical issues- her kidneys stopped working, she had a couple strokes, and other problems. But finally, in September 2015, Leilani received her 2nd heart transplant! Recovery has been difficult. Her heart has been strong but her body, kidneys, lungs and liver have struggled to heal from being in the hospital so long waiting for a heart.

    13331038_1098692723523796_6915822361008856827_n June 1, 2016, after being in the hospital over 600 days, Leilani was able to go HOME!

    Leilani has been home for about a month, is adjusting well and getting stronger.

    100% of donations will go to the Laheys!

    If you are not buying or selling but would like to donate to the Laheys, please contact Ashley at 515-321-7156. 

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